Season 1 – first update

The first season for Diablo 3 US servers on August 29th.  I decided to start mainly working on a wizard on the softcore season; also started a monk on both the hard and softcore seasons.

First off, I have done next to no research on anything related to the newest content or the season — I am allowing myself to figure out what works best for me and will at a later date be more concerned with focusing on making the absolute best greater rift hero I can.  My first thought with any game that has rogue-like elements is to determine a class/build that will allow me to do both solo and group play at a fast loot/gold/level farming rate.  In terms of Diablo 3 specifically, I wanted a hero I felt I could just amass as much ‘stuff’ as possible – gold, items, experience.  Although I still have a preference for the monk play style over the wizard, the wizard has proven to be for me the best hero at abating any resistance the game uses to hinder progression.

I am currently at paragon level 62 and still hurting incredibly bad for gold and mats.  Running a mix of Bounties from Normal through Torment 1, Rifts on Torment1-3, and Greater Rifts up to level 12 (where I use the gem upgrade instead of riftstone upgrade).

My main damage output spells are:

  • Electrocute – Arc Lightning
  • Arcane Orb – Frozen Orb
  • Blizzard – Apocolypse

Secondary support spells are:

  • Magic Weapon – Force Weapon
  • Ice Armor – Frozen Storm
  • Familiar – Arcanot


  • Glass Cannon, Astral Presence, Dominance, Audacity

Current WoW Hero builds

Currently using the following builds/guides for the following characters [to be updated]:




Limited Space

Moving towards being prepared for the Diablo 3 2.1 Leaderboard & Season Patch to be released, I decided it was time to salvage a few items, which I included Screenshots of.

I am not sure how much of a concern inventory space will be a month into the 2.1 patch but I assume that anything more than spring cleaning is unnecessary.  Season heroes will have a separate inventory from non-season heroes [just like softcore and hardcore heroes].  When the first season ends, all the first season heroes will be shifted to non-season [where all our current heroes will be when 2.1 launches].  I would assume there would be some combining or condensing of stashes at that point in the distant future.

Screenshot000 Screenshot001 Screenshot002 Screenshot003 Screenshot004 Screenshot005 Screenshot006 Screenshot007 Screenshot008 Screenshot009

Grim Dawn – Mob Fighting

Are Grim Dawn’s fighting mechanics on par with Diablo 3?  I think they are; I never have to assess a fight before running in blindly in Diablo but that would get you killed in Grim Dawn.  There are mobs you have to shut down or kill first in Grim Dawn.  In this video there is a fight where I encounter a Witch Doctor, which needs to be eliminated before moving on to killing the Warriors and DPS (the tanks and damage doers).



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